Viva means live! Through performance driven, science-based customized training plans with a heavy focus on strengthening your mental game, we’ll find a way for you to get the most out of both training and life. Life is meant to be lived fully and all too often the pressures of training, self-doubt and comparison steal that joy.  I’m proof that no matter the life circumstance or how insane your schedule may be, running joyfully is possible. Training should amplify your life!
Each training plan is personalized to meet your level of fitness and tailored to your race goals.  No matter how busy or unpredictable your schedule, Viv specializes in finding a way to use your schedule to your advantage.

Start a training program that’s life giving!

Training Consultation

$ 100Hourly

  • Hour long consultation call
  • Pre-call & Post-call email

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Strength Coaching

$ 50

  • Thirty-minute onboarding call
  • Custom tailored strength plan
  • Direct feedback on each session
  • Training Peaks access
  • Access to Viva Athletics athlete portal
  • Unlimited text/email communication

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Why 1:1 Coaching & not just a printable training plan?

  • Can a printable training plan account for sick days and re-calibrate so you’re still ready for race day?
  • Can it encourage you to try again after a miserable long run in the peak of summer?
  • Will it strategize a race plan so your aid stations are like an F1 pit stop?
  • Will it help you get to the bottom of your why?
  • Is it able to see your potential and knock some sense into your self-doubt?
  • Will it give you cheese-ball quotes that may or may not fire you up?

If not, consider taking your training to the next level with 1:1 coaching!

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